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View an operational email's details

Admin users have the ability to view the details of all operational emails, while Regular users can view the details only of the emails they created. These details include:

  • The email's status, owner, creation date, and sent date
  • The distribution list used, if any
  • For sent emails, the total number of recipients, opens, and bounces (with a link to the full analytics)
  • A preview of the email's content, including the From name & address, subject, body, and attachments

To view an email's details:

  1. Log into LibCRM and go to Emails > Operational Emails.

Operational Emails under the Emails menu

  1. If needed, use the filters at the top of the page to narrow the list of emails by:
    • Keyword
    • Email (campaign) name
    • Owner
    • Status (Draft, Sent, or In Process -- which is an email in the process of being sent)
    • Last Modified
    • Date Sent
  2. Find the email you want to view and click on its Name.

The filter options and Name link

  1. For draft emails, click on the Edit This Email button to edit or send the email. Or, click on the Delete This Email to permanently delete it.

The Details screen for a draft email

  1. For sent emails, click on the Full Analytics link to view more detailed stats for your email. You can also view the list of recipients, including which ones opened the email and which ones bounced (i.e. sending failed).
  2. To return to the Operational Emails page, click the arrow_back button at the top of the page.

Details screen for a sent email 

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