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Viewing the updates log for all people profiles

The Updates Log for your People profiles records and displays changes made to all of your People profiles in the system. The log will show you the field that was changed, the original value, the updated value, the user account that made the change, and the date/time it was made. There is also a profile-level Updates Log page that displays changes made to a specific profile over time.

To view the updates log for all People profiles:

  1. Go to Profiles > People
  2. Click on the View Updates Log link.

The View Updates Log link on the People profiles page

  1. The Updates Log will display a list of modified People, with one listing for each time that profile was modified/saved.
    1. Use the filters to narrow the list of profiles returned.
    2. In the log table, you can see the name of the profile changed, how many fields were updated, which LibCRM account made the changes, and the date/time the change was made.
    3. Click the View Details () icon to see which fields were changed, the original value (if any), and the updated value.

The Updates Log for People profiles

Note: if you want to see the updates for a particular profile in one place, head to that profile page and click the View Updates Log link from there.

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