Adding new fields for person types

What are fields?

Fields allow you to record different types of information in person profiles. LibCRM provides some system default fields for person profiles, such as First Name, Last Name, and Primary Email address (among others). These can help you to record the basics, but you most likely want to create your own custom fields, as well.

When you create your own custom fields, you can choose to apply them to all of your person groups, or just to a specific group. For example, "College ID" or "Library Card Number" would be an example of a field you may want to apply to all groups, while "Graduation Year" may be an example of a field specific to your Students group.

Person System Fields

LibCRM provides several general information fields right out of the box, such as First Name and Last Name, which apply to all person profiles. You can find a complete list of these in the Person System Fields box when setting up your custom fields. You do not need to recreate these fields, otherwise you'll end up with duplicates in your profiles.

Person System Fields

Creating new person profile fields

In addition to the default system fields, you can create your own custom fields to gather additional information -- either for all groups, or just for individual ones.

  1. Go to Admin > Manage Form Fields.
  2. Click on the Fields for Person Types tab.

Navigating to the Fields for Person Types tab

  1. To add a new field to all person types, click on the New Field button in the Fields Applicable to All Groups box.
    1. Otherwise, click on the New Field button for a specific person type.

The New Field button

  1. In the New Field window, enter a label for your new field.
  2. Use the Field Type dropdown to select which type of field you want this to be.
    • There may be additional options to configure depending upon the field type you choose (such as the Field Size option for the TextField type, as seen in the screenshot below).
    • For a complete list, check out our article on Profile Field Types.
  3. If you would like to provide optional instructions for completing this field, you can enter them in the Instructions field.
  4. To make your field required for each profile, select the Required checkbox.
  5. Click the Save button.

Adding a new field

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