Creating a new person profile

What is a person profile?

A Person profile allows you to keep track of important information about your library's stakeholders. Out of the box, this includes basic contact info, such as a person's name, email address, and other contact info. However, you can customize your profiles to include additional info, such as research interests, publication history, affiliations -- whatever is most relevant for your library.

Person profiles are also used to coordinate and track interactions with your stakeholders, whether it's a simple email offering a library instruction session, or helping an author research your special collections & archives. Each interaction you add not only helps you track your outreach and engagement, but it can also help you develop more personalized services in the future.

Adding a new person profile

  1. Click on the New menu in the command bar.
  2. Select New Person from the dropdown.
  3. Select an owner and, if needed, co-owners for this record. This designates who is responsible for the record.
    • For example, if this is a profile for a History professor, then you may want to assign your History liaison as the owner and your Head of Reference & Instruction as a co-owner.
    • The owner(s) will have the ability to edit and delete the profile.
  4. Complete all required profile fields, as well as any optional fields that you'd like (don't worry: you can edit these later).
    • By default, the First Name, Surname, and Type are always required.
  5. Click the Save button.

Clicking the New menu

Selecting New Person from the dropdown menu

Creating a new person profile

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