Adding a new interaction

What are interactions?

Each profile allows you to log your interactions with that person or organization. Whether it's an email, phone call, or in-person meeting, you can keep track of your entire history with each stakeholder. This not only makes it easy to review your past activity and collaborations with stakeholders, but it can also help you better plan and offer new services. 

Note: Before you can log an interaction with a person or organization, they must first have a profile in LibCRM.

Add a new interaction

  1. In the command bar, click on the New menu.
  2. Select New Interaction from the dropdown.
  3. From the Interaction with field, start entering the name of a person or organization in the Select Profiles search box and click on the name of the person or organization you want to add. Repeat this step to add more people or organizations to this interaction.
  4. From the Staff field, select which user(s) interacted with the selected people and/or organizations. For example, if you sent an email to this person, then you'd select yourself as the user involved. The user creating the interaction will be selected by default.
  5. In the Subject field, enter a brief description of this interaction.
  6. In the Interaction Tags field, select any tag(s) that should be attached to this interaction. The available tags are defined by an admin.
  7. From the Type dropdown, select the type of interaction this was. The available types are defined by an admin.
  8. From the Location dropdown, select where this interaction occurred. The available locations are defined by an admin.
  9. Enter when the interaction occurred using the Date & Time fields.
  10. Use the Duration field to record how long the interaction took.
  11. Use the Details field to record additional information about the interaction, such as a summary, transcript, etc.
  12. When finished, click the Save button. The interaction will be added to the profile of each person and/or organization selected in the Interaction with field.

Clicking New in the command bar

Selecting New Interaction from the New menu

Selecting a profile

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