Creating a new task

What is a task?

Adding tasks to projects and profiles allow you to keep track of your progress towards certain goals or outcomes. Whether its part of a larger project, or simply a reminder to follow up with a person by a certain date, tasks let you know what you've done and what you need to do next. Each task can be assigned to one or more users and has its own status, so you can track its completion.

Adding a new task

  1. Click on New in the command bar.
  2. Select New Task from the dropdown menu.

Selecting New Task from the New menu

  1. On the New Task page, use the Subject field to briefly describe the objective of your task.
  2. From the Assoc. Profiles field, select any person or organization profiles this task will involve.
  3. From the Projects tab, select any projects this task is a part of.
  4. Enter a Start Date (optional) and End Date (required) for the task.
  5. By default, your new task will have a status of Pending. However, you can change this to Completed if needed.
  6. By default, you will be the owner of the new task. However, you can choose a different owner if needed.
  7. In the Details field, add any additional info about this task that may be helpful.
  8. Use the Assignees field to select the user(s) who will be responsible for completing this task.
  9. If you have any files you'd like to attach, click the Choose Files button to upload them to the Attachments field.
  10. Click the Save button. This task will be added to the Tasks page and will also show up in the Tasks box of the each project, person, or organization that was selected.

Adding a new task

Via the Tasks page

If you are viewing the mode_edit Tasks page, you can add a new task by clicking the New Task button.

Adding a task from the Tasks page

While viewing a profile or project

If you are viewing a project or person/organization profile, you can add a new task directly to it. Just click on the New Task button in the Current List of Tasks box. When you do this, the project or profile you're viewing will automatically be associated with the new task.

Adding a new task from the Tasks box

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