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Reviewing a guide submitted for review

Once a guide has been submitted for review, all authorized reviewers will receive an email notification to let them know. This email will contain a link directly to the guide, as well as the Publishing Workflow page (Content > Publishing Workflow) where they can view a list of all guides pending review.

The Publishing Worfklow page listing guides pending review

In addition, reviewers will also see an alert on their LibGuides dashboard, letting them know that there are guides pending review. This will also contain a link directly to the Publishing Workflow page, where they can see the complete list.

Example of a publishing workflow alert on the dashboard

How to approve a guide pending review

  1. Edit the guide that is pending review.
  2. Review the changes made to the guide.
    • The guide owner or editor can provide you with notes when submitting a guide for review, which appear in the notification email as well as the list of guides pending review. These notes can help you more quickly identify what content needs published.
    • If this guide already had a status of Published, new boxes or pages added to the guide will be in Draft Mode. You will need to take each out of Draft Mode before they will appear on the published guide.
    • If this is a brand new guide, or one being updated from Private to Published, then you will likely want to review the entire guide because content added to Unpublished and Private guides are not placed in Draft Mode automatically .
    • Feel free to make any edits along the way, or work with the guide owner on making any needed revisions prior to publishing.
  3. Once you have completed the review, you can update the guide's status to Published to complete the review process.

Publishing a guide submitted for review

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