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Discussion Boards: Using a guide's internal discussion board

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Each guide has an internal discussion board which is a great place to collaborate with editors and admins. Use your internal discussion board to brainstorm ideas, delegate assignments, and review content. If you're using the publishing workflow, this is also a great place to discuss revisions with your reviewers.

To access a guide's internal board, click on the Internal Discussion Board () button in your guide options, which will launch the guide's internal board in a window.

Internal discussion board button

The internal boards for guides function in the same way that the other boards in your system do. For any guide's board you can:

  1. Create new discussions from the Add New Discussion panel.
  2. Reply to existing posts by clicking on the post title.
  3. Filter/search for posts by title.
  4. Click on a tag to filter posts in the board by that tag.

Internal discussion board overview

Who can use internal guide discussion boards?

User level View/Create Discussions? Delete Discussions? Manage Tags?
Admin Yes Yes, from any user Yes
Regular Yes, if guide owner, editor, or reviewer Yes, but only the ones they created No
Editor/Contributor Yes, if guide editor Yes, but only the ones they created No
Patron No n/a n/a