Managing subscribers to a guide's blog

  1. Edit your guide and click on the page containing the blog.
  2. Click on  Blog Management.
  3. Under the Subscribers tab, you can view, manage, and export the list of email addresses subscribed to your blog.
    1. Click on a column heading to sort the table by that field in ascending order. Click it again to switch to descending order.
    2. To locate a specific subscriber, use the filter in the Email column. You can search for full or partial email addresses.
    3. To filter the table based upon a subscriber's status, use the dropdown in the Verified column.
      • Yes: this indicates that the user has clicked the link in the confirmation email to verify their subscription and are actively receiving blog post notifications.
      • No: this indicates that the user signed up, but has not clicked the link in the confirmation email to verify their subscription. They are not receiving blog post notifications.
    4. Use the  Copy Excel, and  PDF options to export the records currently displaying on the page.
    5. Use the  Export All Records option to export a list of all subscribers, in either HTML or CSV format.

Unsubscribe email addresses

To remove an email address from the subscription list:

  1. Select the checkbox for that address in the Unsubscribe column.
    1. To select all users, click on the checkbox in the column heading. Click it again to deselect all users.
  2. Click the Remove Selected button.
  3. Click the Save button when finished.

Once removed, blog post notifications will no longer be sent to those addresses. This will not prevent those addresses from subscribing again in the future, however.

Clicking the blog management link on a guide blog page

Managing blog subscribers

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