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What is the E-Reserves module?

The E-Reserves module allows you to manage your electronic reserves content within LibGuides. Not only will LibGuides provide your students with an easy-to-use interface for browsing and searching your course materials, but you can also integrate your e-reserves content within your guides and even your LMS.

  • Create and manage a wide array of e-reserve items directly within your LibGuides site
    • Your students can easily locate all required readings in one place
    • Faculty can submit new e-reserves content using the built-in online request form
  • Upload your own documents or link to documents in your existing databases
    • Supports uploading of most file types, such as .pdf, Word, Excel, .jpeg, etc.
      • Your E-Reserves system comes with 5GB of total storage. Need more? Contact our Springy Sales Team for more information!
      • Note: Files uploaded to E-Reserves are secure. The only way that an end user can access files that have been uploaded to E-Reserves is from the E-Reserves course page. URLs to files do not work outside of the module.
    • If your databases support persistent linking, you can use these to directly link to the documents that students need
    • Add a password to restrict access
    • Reuse existing items from course to course
  • Organize your content by course and term
    • Documents, database links, and book records can be displayed together
    • Place your items in folders to help keep your course organized
    • Use terms to automatically change the visibility of courses
  • Manage copyright and restrict access to course content
    • You can track and manage the copyright status of each item in your courses
    • You can restrict access to all of your e-reserves content by IP address, or use LibAuth to require users to authenticate before viewing course material
  • Integrate e-reserves content into your learning management system (LMS)
    • With the LibApps LTI tool, you can embed your e-reserves directly into each course page in Blackboard, Canvas, Moodle, Sakai, D2L, and other LMSes
    • This provides students with easy access to content without having to leave the LMS
How do I add E-Reserves to my LibGuides system? E-Reserves is available as an add-on to your existing LibGuides subscription. Contact our Springy Sales Team to request a quote and free trial.

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