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How can students view our E-Reserves in LibGuides?

Search for e-reserves from your LibGuides homepage

If you have the E-Reserves box added to your LibGuides homepage, your students can search your E-Reserves content by course number, course name, or instructor!

Search results will display on the E-Reserves homepage.

E-reserves homepage box

The E-Reserves homepage

With your E-Reserves module, an E-Reserves homepage is automatically created. You can access your E-Reserves homepage by adding /er.php to the end of your LibGuides URL. For example:

E-reserves homepage

This page allows your students to browse all of your E-Reserve course offerings by course name, instructor, or term; or search for a course by keyword. Each tab has its own URL, so you can link directly to it. Just click on the tab and copy the URL from your browser!

Users can use the search box to look up a course by name or instructor. If enabled in your E-Reserves settings, they can also search for individual items.

E-Reserves search results

Viewing a course page

Each course you create has its own public page, giving students access to all of the course's materials in one central location!

e-reserves course page

Adding a course page to a guide

In addition to viewing a course's own public page, you can also embed the course in a guide as its own page. This will display just like any other page in your guide, except that it will display the e-reserves content for that course. If you already have a guide supporting a specific course, adding the e-reserves course page can be a helpful integration for your users.

E-reserves page in a guide

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