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E-Reserves: Add and edit items

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You can view and manage all of the items added to your E-Reserves module in one place.

  1. Go to Content > E-Reserves.
  2. Click on the Items tab to view your items.
    1. Click on any column heading to sort by that column in ascending order. Click it again to sort in descending order.
    2. To narrow your list, use the filters at the top of the IDNameTypeOwner, and Created columns.
    3. To preview how an item will appear to students, click on its name in the Name column.
    4. Use the Records per page dropdown to increase or decrease the number of items currently displaying on screen.
    5. Use the page navigation buttons to move through the list of items.
    6. To export the items currently displaying on screen, click on the CopyPrintExcel, or PDF buttons.

Viewing the Items tab 

Add a new item

You can add new e-reserves items independently of courses. Course owners and editors can then reuse these items instead of creating them from scratch.

  1. Under the Items tab, click on the  Add Item button.

Clicking the Add Item button

  1. In the Add/Edit Item window, you can configure the options for your new item.
    1. In the Name field, enter a descriptive name for the item. This will display as a link on the course page, which users will click to view the item.
    2. In the Description field, you can enter an optional description of the item.
      • Use the dropdown to choose how the description will display on the course page (e.g. beneath the item's name).
    3. If you would like to restrict access to this item, you can provide an optional Password users must enter to view the item.
      • This password is in addition to any password or LibAuth authentication you've already set for the course itself.
    4. If this item has a URL (such as a website), enter it in the Item URL field.
    5. Use the Window Target dropdown to choose whether the Item URL should open in a new or the current window.
    6. If the Item URL requires proxy authentication, you can set the Use Proxy option to Yes. This will prepend your proxy URL to the Item URL.
      • To use this option, an admin must provide the proxy URL in your LibGuides system settings.
    7. To attach a document to this item (such as a PDF), click on the Attach New File button to upload it (max. file size is 20 MB).
      • Each site has a maximum of 5 GB of storage space. If you need additional space, please contact the Springy Sales Team.
    8. ​​From the Type dropdown, select which type of item you are adding (e.g. Book, Article, Website).
      • This will allow you to enter additional bibliographic or descriptive information specific to the type of item.
  2. Click the Save button.

Configuring and saving a new item 

Edit or delete items 

 Be careful when deleting items!

Deleting an item from the Items page will permanently remove it from your system and cannot be undone.

  • If the item is being reused (i.e. mapped) in any courses, deleting that asset will also remove it from those guides. The Course Count column will indicate the number of courses where an item is being reused.
  • Statistics for deleted items will be retained. They will appear in your E-Reserves items statistics by their ID number and a name of "[deleted]".
  1. To view which courses are currently using an item, click on the number in its Course Count column.
  2. To edit an item's details and copyright status, click on its Edit () icon in the Actions column. Changes made here will be reflected in all courses listed under the item's Course Count.
  3. To permanently delete an item, click on its Delete () icon in Actions column. This cannot be undone so be careful!

Options to edit or delete items