Adding & managing system discussion board tags

When adding new discussions, users can assign tags to the thread. Tags are a helpful tool for organizing discussions by topic. When users are viewing a discussion board, they can click on a tag to filter the discussions to only the posts that are using that tag. 

Before users can assign tags to their discussions, the tags must be added to the available tags. The internal board tags and public board tags are managed separately, and only system admins can add, edit, and delete available tags. Tags for the internal discussion boards -- the internal system board and every guide's internal board -- are managed from:

  1. Go to Discussions > Manage Tags from the command bar.
  2. On the System Discussion Tags tab you can:
    1. Add new tags by clicking on the Add Tag button.
    2. Sort and search for a tag from the Tag column.
    3. Click on the tag's Post Count to view where it's being used.
    4. Click on the tag's Edit () icon in the Actions column to edit the tag. Changes to the tag's name will be reflected everywhere the tag is being used.
    5. Click on the Delete () icon in the Actions column to delete the tag. This will remove the tag everywhere it's being used.
    6. Jump to managing the tags for you public boards by clicking on the Public Discussion Tags tab.

Internal discussion board tag management

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