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E-Reserves: Add and edit terms

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Terms allow you to set the visibility of your courses with date ranges that can have defined starting and ending dates, set starting dates and open-ended ranges, or no starting date and a fixed end date. When a course has a term applied to it with a visible date range, the course will not become visible to your users until the term's start date and will be hidden from the public once the term is over.

Add a new term

  1. Go to Content > E-Reserves.

Selecting E-Reserves from the Content dropdown

  1. Click on the Terms tab.
  2. Click on the  Add Term button.

Clicking the Add Term button under the Terms tab

  1. In the Add/Edit Term window, give your new term a name in the Name field (e.g. Fall 2018).
  2. In the Notes field, you can optionally provide details about the term.
  3. If you would like to limit the public visibility of courses assigned to this term, use the Start Visibility and/or End Visibility fields to select the visibility dates.
    • To make the term visible immediately through a specific end date, you can leave the Start Visibility field empty and select only an End Visibility date.
    • To make the term visible indefinitely starting on a specific date, you can leave the End Visibility field empty and select only a Start Visibility date.
  4. Click the Save button.

The Add/Edit Term window

Edit and delete terms

Edit Term and Delete Term options

  1. To view a list of courses assigned to a term, click on its Course Count.
  2. To edit the name, notes, or visibility dates for a term, click on its Edit Term () icon in the Actions column.
  3. To permanently delete a term, click on its Delete Term () icon in the Actions column.
    • You will be prompted to either reassign its courses to another term, or change them to Unassigned.
    • The Course Count column will indicate how many courses are currently assigned to a term.

The Delete Term window