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Customize the default LibAuth Authentication setting for E-Reserves courses

To manage your e-reserves settings, go to Content > E-Reserves > Settings.

Navigating to the E-Reserves Settings page

The Authentication section allows you to limit access to the public side of E-Reserves through your authentication layer using LibAuth. Before authentication can be turned on for E-Reserves, a LibApps Admin needs to add an authentication configuration to your LibApps > Admin > LibAuth Authentication settings.

Default LibAuth Configuration

Once LibAuth has been setup by the LibApps Admin, you can select a configuration be used as the default for your courses. Course owners can choose to override this default in each course's settings.

Limit to Group

If group permissions have been added to your LibAuth configuration, you can choose one to be applied by default to your courses. For example, you may have a group permission that restricts access to students only. By selecting this group, you would effectively make each course available only to students by default. Course owners can choose to override this default in each course's settings.

choose a libauth configuration

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