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Statistics: Sessions

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The Sessions‚Äč report provides you with the total number of unique browser sessions over time, which can give you a more accurate sense of how many unique visits you had vs. your guide views. That's because one person can generate multiple guide views during a single session. You can view your session statistics by day or month.

For this report, a session is defined as a unique browser who has visited a public page (i.e. a guide page, your homepage, A-Z Database List, etc.) on your site, where the time between visits to subsequent pages does not exceed 30 minutes. For example, if a user (browser) visits a page for the first time, then visits a number of other pages, each within 30 minutes of each other, all of those page views are counted as one session. If that same user waits more than 30 minutes before visiting another page, the next page view will be counted as a new session.

To run a report:

  1. Go to Statistics from the command bar.
  2. Click on the Sessions tab.
  3. Set the scope for your report.
    1. From the Date Grouping dropdown, select whether you want to view daily or monthly totals.
    2. Use the first date picker to select a starting date.
    3. Use the second date picker to select an ending date.
  4. Click the Run Report button.

Sessions stats report