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System Settings: Search engine indexing and guide search default options

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The Search Options settings allow you to customize the default search scope of your guides, as well as whether or not to allow your site to be crawled by search engines.

  1. Go to Admin > System Settings.
  2. Under the General tab, click on the Search Options panel to expand it.
    1. Enable or disable the Search Engine Indexing to allow or prevent search engines from crawling your site.
      • Enabled:  Search Engines can crawl your site and index your public content. (Unpublished / private guides are not indexed. Note that if a guide is public and then changed to private, it will take time for it to be removed from public search engines.) For LibGuides CMS Customers, please note that content in internal groups or behind access rules will not be indexed.
      • Disabled: search engines will be blocked from crawling or indexing your site. This will be indicated in your LibGuides site's robots.txt file.
    2. Use the Guide Search Default to set the scope of the search box on each guide.
      • System Search: when you run a search from the search box on a guide, you will see results from your entire system.
      • Guide Search: when you run a search from the search box on a guide, you will only see results from that guide. (You can still increase the search scope from the search results page.)
Note: in order for group and guide defaults to work, you must add your LibGuides site to your Search Results Customization settings under Admin > Look & Feel > Page Layout > Search.

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