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Statistics: mSite Builder

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mSite site report

The Sites  report allows you to see a breakdown of views for your mobile sites over time. You can limit your report to specific sites, or view all sites at once. Each report can display either daily or monthly totals for each site, with the option to break down each site's stats by page.

For each report, a view is counted anytime someone loads a page of your site (including things like page refreshes). The total number of views for a site consists of the total views for each individual page of that site.

To run a report:

  1. Go to Statistics from the command bar.
  2. Click on the mSite Builder tab.
  3. Select which sites to analyze.
    • Select the "All Sites" option to view stats for every site in your system.
    • Or, under Individual Sites, select from any other site in your system.
  4. From the Date Grouping dropdown, select whether to display stats by day or by month.
  5. Use the Start Date picker to select the starting date for your report.
  6. Use the End Date picker to select the ending date for your report.
  7. Click the Run Report button.
  8. To break down a site's stats by page, click on the Name .

msite builder site stats report

mSite assets report

The mSite Assets report allows you to analyze the total number of clicks for assets within your mSites over time, allowing you to see which are the most highly used. The All mSite Assets report contains statistics for the following asset types:

  • Link
  • Document/File
  • Book from the Catalog
  • Database

For this report, a click is counted anytime someone clicks on the link for one of the above asset types in your mSites. Please note that clicks are unable to be counted for links inside of Rich Text/HTML content items or Media/Widget assets.

To run a report:

  1. Go to Statistics from the command bar.
  2. Click on the mSite Builder tab.
  3. Click on the mSite Assets button.
  4. Click on the All mSite Assets button to run a report for all assets or click Search to find and run a report for a single asset.
  5. Set the scope for your report.
    1. From the Date Grouping dropdown, select whether you want to view daily or monthly totals.
    2. Use the first date picker to select a starting date.
    3. Use the second date picker to select an ending date.
  6. Click the Run Report button.
    1. To filter the report to a specific type of asset, use the Type dropdown.
    2. To view more detailed stats for a single asset, including click sources, click on its ID. This is also the report you will get when searching for a single asset.

msite builder asset stats report