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What can a LibApps admin do?

If you're a LibApps admin for your institution, you can access the following options from the Admin menu:

  • Manage your LibApps customer record: this includes info such as your institution name and time zone. It's also where you can find your Customer ID number if you ever need it.
  • Manage your domain names and certificates: this includes creating and editing custom domain names, as well as enabling HTTPS support for your Springy apps.
  • Manage all LibApps user accounts: when you add a new account to another app, such as LibGuides, a LibApps user account will be created for that user. All users who can access one or more of your Springy apps will be listed here. As an admin, you have the ability to modify any user's name, email address, and password. You can also elevate other users to be LibApps admins, as well (permissions for each app, such as LibGuides, is managed within those app's settings).
  • Manage your LibApps patron accounts: you can import and manage all patron user accounts (which allow patrons to do things like comment on blog and discussion board posts in LibGuides). This is also where you can allow patrons to self-register for accounts.
  • Manage LibAuth authentication: you can connect your institution's authentication system to LibAuth, allowing you to require authentication for things like accessing E-Reserves or submitting LibCal Space bookings.
  • Manage LibApps search sources: you can add, edit, or remove search sources available on your LibGuides and LibAnswers search results pages. You can also adjust the relevancy weighting for your search results, as well.
  • Manage social channels integration: you can connect your Facebook, Twitter, or Pinterest accounts to LibApps and use them to share new content (such as guides or blog posts) on social media, or receive and reply to messages and tweets within LibAnswers.
  • Manage the LibApps LTI Tool: if you have LibGuides CMS, you can use the LibApps LTI Tool to integrate your LibGuides content in your LMS (such as Canvas, Blackboard, and Moodle).

How do I know if I'm a LibApps admin?

  1. When viewing the LibApps dashboard, your name will be listed in the My LibApps box.
  2. You will also see the Admin menu in the command bar on the LibApps dashboard, as well.

LibApps admin menu

What if nobody is listed as an admin, or our admin left?

  • If your system currently lacks an admin: please contact Springy Support and we can assign new admins to your system.
  • If your system currently has an admin, but you just want to add additional admins: please contact your current admin and they can assign admin permissions to more users via Admin > Manage Accounts.

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