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Assets: bulk delete all unmapped assets

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If you have a lot of assets in your repository that have zero mapping and you want to delete, we can help take care of this in one fell swoop! Here are the details we will need from you: 

  1. Specify the URL of your system *and* its site ID (find that in the top-center box of your LibApps Dashboard)
  2. Specify which asset types with zero mappings you want us to remove from the system (Links, Databases, RSS feeds, Documents, Books, etc.)

Some points worth noting:

  • We can't do a subset based on asset owner - so this means removing any group of assets (by asset type) or all assets which have zero mappings will affect all assets meeting that criteria, regardless of the owner.
  • You'll want to back up locally any Document/Files you might want to keep, because deleting the asset does delete the document completely so we cannot get it back.
  • In the case of Database Assets, deleting unmapped ones may not be a good idea if there's a chance you might need them again. Instead, consider editing the database asset and setting it to HIDDEN, which will keep it out of public view yet retain any stats associated with it in your system.

Once you're ready, have an Admin-level LibGuides user send it to the Springy Support team along with your LibGuides Site ID (this can be found from the Admin > System Settings > System Information box).

Please be sure to send the above information to us every time you submit this request so we can take care of it swiftly. The reason for the repetition is that this is an irreversible operation, so anything we delete from the system is gone for good.