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Why are my blog and discussion board posts not displaying?

Starting with the August 2018 release, we implemented some behind-the-scenes enhancements to the security of your LibGuides sites. Great, right? We like to think so! However, as part of these changes, LibGuides blog and discussion board posts will only load over secure HTTPS connections. 

What does this mean for you?

  • If your blog and discussion board pages are being viewed over a non-secure HTTP connection, you will see your page (i.e. header and footer content) -- but you will not see any posts display on it. You will need to change the URL to HTTPS and reload the page.
  • For best results, we strongly recommend that your LibApps administrator(s) configure your LibGuides site to always load over HTTPS. That way, if someone attempts to use an HTTP URL to view your blog or discussion board, they will automatically be redirected to the HTTPS URL.

How do we force HTTPS?

Easy! You just need a LibApps admin to make a few changes in your LibApps Domains & Certificates settings. (Please keep in mind that a LibGuides admin may not necessarily have admin permissions in LibApps.)

All sites with a Springshare-provided domain name (e.g. ending in are ready to support HTTPS out of the box. Most sites with custom domain names should also be ready to support HTTPS, as well, because we automatically provide free Let's Encrypt security certificates to sites that have not already uploaded their own.

Ready to get started? Please check out the Links & Files section below for more details on how to set this up.

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