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What is LibGuides CMS? Do I have it? How do I get it?

What is this CMS I hear so much about?

CMS is a premium addon to LibGuides that includes a ton of helpful features, including:

  • The ability to organize guides into groups, each with their own homepage, friendly URL, look & feel, and access/visibility levels.
  • The ability to control access to your guides, groups, or entire site by IP address-based access rules or LibAuth authentication.
  • The publishing workflow, which allows designated reviewers to approve all new content before it's published.
  • Public and internal discussion boards, both system-wide and within individual guides.
  • Enhanced A-Z List management features, including access to the A-Z Community List.
  • Access to the LibApps LTI Tool for embedding your LibGuides content into Blackboard, Canvas, Moodle, Sakai, D2L, and other supported LMS platforms.
  • Access to LibWizard Lite, the app that allows you to create forms and surveys that you can easily embed in your guides.
  • And much, much more!

You can view a complete list of CMS features, including a side-by-side comparison with the base LibGuides subscription, at the Springshare Buzz Site.

How do I know if I already have CMS?

If you're an admin, you can check by going to Admin > System Settings. Under the General tab, in the System Information box, the System Version field will tell you if you currently have CMS.

The System Version field under the General tab of the System Settings page

How can I upgrade to CMS?

It couldn't be easier: just contact our Springy Sales Team for more info. :)

Because CMS is an addon to your existing system, you won't lose any of your existing content or customizations -- you'll just see a lot of cool features appear in your system once it's turned on.

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