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Assets: add a thumbnail image to a database, link, or document / file asset

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Although optional, adding a thumbnail to an image is a great way to help it stand out on the page. For example, if you have a group of databases on your guide, you could display a small thumbnail image of each database's logo.

When you add a thumbnail image to an asset, it will display to the left of its name and description. It will be hyperlinked to the same URL of the asset.

Example of a thumbnail displaying next to a database

You can add thumbnails to the following asset types.

  • Databases
    • Note: thumbnails will only display when a database is added to a guide -- they will not appear on the main A-Z Database List page
  • Links
  • Documents/Files

Add or edit an asset's thumbnail

When creating or editing a database, link, or document/file asset, you'll see an Assign Thumbnail Image panel. If you click on that panel, you'll see several options:

  1. Image URL: click the Browse button to upload or select an image to use as the thumbnail from your Image Manager. Or, you can enter a URL to an online image.
    • To remove a thumbnail from an asset, simply delete this URL and leave the field empty.
  2. Height: enter a height in pixels for the thumbnail image.
  3. Width: enter a width in pixels for the thumbnail image.
    • Note: you do not have to provide both a height and width.
    • If you provide only a width, the height will be scaled automatically (and vice versa).
  4. Alt Text: you can provide alternative text for the thumbnail image for use by screen readers.

Once you make your changes to those settings, don't forget to save your asset.

Options in the Assign Thumbnail Image panel