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LibGuides Account: Overview of the LibGuides dashboard

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When you log into LibGuides, you land on your personalized dashboard. In addition to the latest news and announcements from Springshare, you'll find shortcuts to important tools, admin alerts, and more. You can always return here by selecting  Home from the orange command bar.

On the dashboard you will see:

LibGuides dashboard overview

  1. Admin alerts: If an admin has added an announcement/alert, it will appear at the top of the dashboard.
  2. Needs Your Attention
    1. If the Publishing Workflow has been enabled, authorized reviewers will see a notification here when there are guides to review. And non-reviewers will see notifications when their guides are approved.
    2. If a guide has been deleted, the name of the guide and the user that deleted it will be displayed. 
  3. LibGuides Shortcuts: This box provides quick links to the most commonly used options of LibGuides. Including:
    1. Create Guide: Allows you to create a new guide.
    2. Edit Existing Guide: Gives you a dropdown list to quickly access your guides and any other guides in your site that you have access to.
    3. Assets: Jump to the Assets repository.
    4. Generate a LibGuides Widget: Jump to the widget creation tools.
    5. View Your Image Manage Library: Jump to your personal Image Manager.
  4. E-Reserves Shortcuts: If you subscribe to the E-Reserves module, this box will provide you with quick links to the most commonly used E-Reserves options. Including:
    1. Manage Courses: Jump to the Manage Courses page of the module.
    2. Go to Course: Navigate to a specific course that you have access to from the dropdown list.
    3. Manage Individual Items / Documents: Jump to the Items page of the module.
    4. Manage Copyright: Jump to the Copyright page of the module.
  5. Your Profile: This box will display a preview of your LibApps Profile Box.
    1. This includes a link to jump to edit your profile.
Note: This example dashboard is for an Admin-level user in a LibGuides CMS site that subscribes to the E-Reserves module and has the Publishing Workflow enabled. The content displayed on the dashboard will vary depending on what modules are enabled and what your account level is.