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How to search a blog's posts

In addition to browsing posts by month or subject category, you can also search for posts by keyword. While viewing your blog:

  1. Simply enter your search term(s) in the Search this Blog field, which you'll find in the side-column of your blog. Once you click the Go button, you'll see the search results display in the blog's main column.
  2. Click on any post's title to view it. For your convenience, the search terms will be highlighted in the results, so you can see where the matches were found in each post.
  3. To return to the blog's most recent content, click on the Return to Blog button at the bottom of the search results.

Please note: guide blogs follow the same search indexing restrictions as the rest of the guide. For example, if you guide has a publication status of Private or Unpublished, you will not be to search that guide's blog.

The Search this Blog field and corresponding search results

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