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(Beta) AZ List Management: Add, edit, & delete database types

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One way you can organize your databases is by type. This can help you easily identify your full-text databases from your abstract databases, and your ebook platforms from your streaming video platforms.

You can define as many different database types as you need. Once you assign these to your databases, you can filter your A-Z Database List to easily find databases of each type.

Add database types

  1. From the Content dropdown, select AZ List Management (Beta).
The AZ List Management Beta option in the Content menu
  1. In the sidebar under A-Z Databases, click on Settings to expand the menu.
  2. Select Metadata.
  3. Types is the default tab. Click on the Add Type button.
The sidebar menu showing Settings and Metadata, and the Types panel showing the Add Type button.
  1. Add the Name for the database type.
  2. Click Add.
the Add Type modal

Manage Database Types

  1. To sort types: click on the column headings.
  2. To search by type ID: enter the exact ID in the ID field.
  3. To search by type name: enter a term to capture the type name in the Name field.
    • Partial matches are supported, e.g., "source" will capture "Primary Sources" and "Newspaper Resources."
  4. To see the databases assigned to a type: click on its link in the # Databases column.
  5. To edit a type name: click on its Edit () icon.
  6. To delete a type: click on its Delete () icon.
    • You can optionally reassign any databases currently attached to this type to a different type.
    • Note: this will delete only the database type—it will not delete any databases associated with it.
  7. To export a list of your database types: click Export Records and choose a format, HTML or CSV, to instantly download the list of types that meet your current search filters. Clear the ID and Name fields if you want to export all types.
options in the Database Types panel