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(Beta) AZ List Management: Add, edit, & delete database vendors

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It can be helpful to organize your databases by vendor. This allows you to filter your A-Z list to find databases on specific platforms, such as ProQuest or JSTOR. As an added benefit, if you have CMS, you can analyze your holdings by vendor, as well.

Add database vendors

  1. From the Content dropdown, select AZ List Management (Beta).
The AZ List Management Beta option in the Content menu
  1. Click on Vendors in the sidebar menu under A-Z Databases.
  2. Click on the Add Vendor button.
The sidebar menu showing Vendors and the Add Vendor button.
  1. Add a Name for the vendor.
  2. Click Add.
the Add Vendor modal

Manage Database Vendors

  1. To sort vendors: click on the column headings.
  2. To search by vendor ID: enter the exact ID in the ID field.
  3. To search by vendor name: enter a term to capture the vendor name in the Name field. Partial matches are supported.
  4. To see the databases assigned to a vendor: click on its link in the # Databases column.
  5. To edit a vendor name: click on its Edit () icon.
  6. To delete a vendor: click on its Delete () icon.
    • You can optionally reassign any databases currently attached to this vendor to a different vendor.
    • Note: this will delete only the database vendor—it will not delete any databases associated with it.
  7. To export a list of your database vendors: click Export Records and choose a format, HTML or CSV, to instantly download the list of vendors that meet your current search filters. Clear the ID and Name fields if you want to export all vendors.
options in the Database Vendors panel