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(Beta) AZ List Management: Add, edit, & delete login credential types

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With so many databases in your collection, it can be difficult to keep track of the credentials you need to sign into the admin side of your databases, especially with staff changes and unexpected emergency needs. Luckily you can keep track of all of your logins directly in your A-Z Database List.

The Login Credential Types settings allow you to create different types of credentials that each database can have. When you create or edit a database, that will allow you to store credentials for different types of things—such as signing into the admin side of a database, logging into a database's statistics module, or even a database's SUSHI credentials.

For each Login Credential Type you create, in each individual database you will be able to store a corresponding URL, Login Name, and Password. These credentials are always hidden from the public, and visible only to Admin users and Regular users who have been given the Manage Assets permission.

Example credentials for a database
When adding or editing a database, you can add/view login credentials under the Additional Information panel.

Add login credential types

  1. From the Content dropdown, select AZ List Management (Beta).
The AZ List Management Beta option in the Content menu
  1. In the sidebar under A-Z Databases, click on Settings to expand the menu.
  2. Select Metadata.
  3. Click the Login Credential Types tab.
  4. Click on the Add Login Credential Type button.
The sidebar menu showing Settings and Metadata, and the Add Login Credential Type button.
  1. Add a Name for the login credential type. It is not displayed to the public.
  2. Click Add.
the Add Login Credential Type modal

Manage Credential Types

  1. To sort credential types: click on the column headings.
  2. To search by credential type ID: enter the exact ID in the ID field.
  3. To search by credential type name: enter a term to capture the type name in the Name field. Partial matches are supported.
  4. To edit a credential type name: click on its Edit () icon.
  5. To delete a credential type: click on its Delete () icon.
    • Deleting a credential type will also remove it from the databases where it is assigned—so be careful!
  6. To export a list of your credential types: click Export Records and choose a format, HTML or CSV, to instantly download the list of credential types that meet your current search filters. Clear the ID and Name fields if you want to export all credential types.
options in the Login Credential Types panel