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(Beta) AZ List Management: Add, edit, & delete custom database flags

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Flags—small, colored text labels—can be used to alert patrons at-a-glance to special features or information about a database. They appear alongside the flags for databases that have been designated as new, trial, and popular. You can make a flag say whatever you like and customize its color. This option allows you to "tag" databases with important details that aren't otherwise captured by other features in the A-Z List. Remember, there are also built-in options for:

These are in addition to organizing your databases by subject, vendor, and type. For example, you might create flags to designate databases by language, that target a certain audience, or that are provided via a consortium or through special funding. You might also decide to duplicate some designations, like adding a flag for primary sources (perhaps in addition to creating that as a type), as an additional way to highlight it for patrons. The power and flexibility is yours to do what makes sense for your users. 🤓

After creating flags, you can apply the applicable flags when creating or editing a database.

Applying the flags on a new database.
When customizing a database, you can apply flags in the Attributes section.

Once a database has a flag applied,

  • On the AZ Database List management page, staff can filter the list by flag under Attributes & Flags.
  • On the public AZ Database page, patrons can view the flags next to the database title on the results list and on the database landing page.
A database's flags shown on the results page.
The flags are listed after the database title.

Add flags

  1. From the Content dropdown, select AZ List Management (Beta).
The AZ List Management Beta option in the Content menu
  1. In the sidebar under A-Z Databases, click on Settings to expand the menu.
  2. Select Metadata.
  3. Click the Flags tab.
  4. Click on the Add Flag button.
The sidebar menu showing Settings and Metadata, and the Flags panel showing the Add Flag button.
  1. Add a Name for the flag.
    • 35 character maximum.
  2. Choose a Color for the flag.
    1. Click the black bar to select a color using the color picker.
    2. Alternatively, enter the hex value for a color. This value updates if you choose a new color from the color picker.
  3. Click Add.
the Add Flag modal

Manage flags

  1. To sort flags: click on the column headings.
  2. To search by flag name: enter a term to capture the flag name in the Name field. Partial matches are supported.
  3. To see the databases where a flag is assigned: click on its link in the # Databases column.
  4. To edit a flag: click on its Edit () icon.
  5. To delete a flag: click on its Delete () icon.
    • Deleting a flag will also remove it from all databases where it is assigned—so be careful!
  6. To export a list of your flags: click Export Records and choose a format, HTML or CSV, to instantly download the list of flags that meet your current search filters. Clear the column fields if you want to export all flags.
managing flags