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(Beta) AZ List Management: Add and manage recommended databases

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The A-Z Database List's Recommended Databases allows you to set up a curated list of databases that you would recommend to your patrons when they don’t know exactly where to start their search.

Once you have added databases to the list, a “Recommended Databases” link will appear under the filters on your public A-Z list. This link will take the users to a standalone public page where your selections will be listed. These databases will have the same configuration as when displayed in the main A-Z list.

The link to view recommended databases on the public AZ page
When one or more recommended databases have been added, a link to view them is automatically added to your public A-Z list.

Access the Recommended Databases page

After adding one or more recommended databases, the standalone Recommended Databases page will be visible. In addition to accessing the page via the link shown on the public A-Z list, you can also view the page by appending /az/databases/recommended to your LibGuides URL. For example: https://yourlibrary.libguides.com/az/databases/recommended

Example Recommended Databases page
The Recommended Databases page.

Add a recommended database

  1. From the Content dropdown, select AZ List Management (Beta).
The AZ List Management Beta option in the Content menu
  1. On the Database List page, click the Manage Recommended Databases button to open the Recommended Databases page.
The Manage Recommended Databases button
  1. On the Recommended Databases page, click the + Add Recommended Database button.
the Add Recommended Database button
  1. On the Add Recommended Databases modal, search for the database to add from the Databases field.
    • Multiple databases can be added at one time.
    • Databases must have been added previously before they can be added as a recommended database.
  2. Click the Save button.
the Add Recommended Database modal

Manage your recommended databases

For existing recommended databases you can:

  1. Remove the database from the list by clicking its X icon.
  2. Click the + Add Recommended Database button to add additional databases to the list.
manage existing recommended databases