Editing broken links in the link checker

To edit an asset and modify the broken link (or any of the other fields):

  1. Go to Tools > Link Checker from the command bar.
  2. In the datatable on the Report tab, click on the Edit () icon in the Asset column for the asset that you want to edit. (Note: Regular users can only edit the links they own.)
  3. Edit the asset and save your changes. (Note: changes you make to the asset will be reflected the next time the link checker runs.)
    • If you would rather delete an Asset altogether, go to Content > Assets.
  4. Dismiss the link to remove it from the report by clicking the Dismiss from this report () icon in the Actions column. (Note: if you do not dismiss the asset, it will remain in the report, even though the link has been fixed.)

Editing a link from the link checker report

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