Managing link checker exclusions

The Exclusions tab will show you all links and domains that are not checked by the link checker. Any items that are in your exclusions list will not appear in the link checker report unless they have been removed from this page. 

Admin and Regular-level account holders can view the Exclusions tab, but only Admins can make changes to the exclusions (adding/editing/removing exclusions).

To get there:

  1. Go to Tools > Link Checker from the command bar.
  2. Click on the Exclusions tab.

From the Exclusions tab you can:

  1. Manually add new exclusions by clicking the Add Item button.
  2. Use the Type column to filter the list by type.
    • Link labeled exclusions are items that were dismissed from the link checker report. 
    • Domain labeled exclusions are items (individual pages or full domains) that were added via the manually.
  3. Use the Title column to filter/search for exclusions by their title.
    • Link exclusions will display the title of the asset.
    • Domain exclusions will display the title that was set when it was added to the list.
  4. The URL column will show the URL that has been excluded.
  5. The Added by column will show you who added the exclusion.
  6. Click the Edit () icon for an exclusion to make a change to the title or URL of a link that was added manually.
    • Links sent to the exclusions list via the Dismiss option on the report cannot be edited.
  7. Click the Remove from exclusions list () icon to delete the exclusion.
    • Links that have been removed from the exclusions list will be checked by the link checker once again.

exclusion tab overview

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