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Guides: Edit, delete, or reassign ownership of your guides

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Dashboard shortcuts: quickly edit your guides

The quickest way to edit your guides is from the LibGuides Shortcuts box on your dashboard. This will display a list of all guides you have permission to edit, with guides you own listed first so you can more easily find them.

  • Not sure if you're on the dashboard? If you've logged into LibGuides, then this is usually the first page you see. However, to get there at any time, simply click on  Home in the orange command bar.

Then, in the LibGuides Shortcuts box, use the Edit Existing Guide dropdown to select the guide you want to edit.

  • Any guide you own, or to which you've been assigned as an editor, will appear at the top of the list, grouped by status.
  • If you are an admin user or have been give the Edit All Guides permission (CMS only), then you will also be able to select any guide in the system.

Editing a guide via the dashboard 

Edit, delete, or reassign ownership of your guides

To see a list of all of your guides, go to Content > Guides

Navigating to the Guides page

This will take you to the Guides page, where you can browse, edit, delete, or reassign ownership of your guides.

Options for editing and managing guides

  1. Click on any column to sort the list of guides in ascending order. Click it again to sort in descending order.
  2. Use the filters in each column to limit the list of guides.
    • Only know the guide's title? Try filtering by the Name field.
    • Want to see only your guides? Enter your name in the Owner field.
    • Filters can be combined, too, so you can limit by both Name and Owner, for example.
  3. To export a list of all of the guides in your system, click on the  Export All Records button and select either the  HTML or  CSV format.
    • Both export options will include all of the columns from the list of guides (ID, Name, Type, Owner, Group, Friendly URL, Status, Created, and Updated).
    • In addition, the Guide URL will also be included in the export files.
  4. To edit a guide, click on click its Edit () icon in the Actions column. (This icon will not display if you do not have permission to edit the guide.) You can also click on the guide's Name.
    • If you are an Admin-level user, or a Regular-level user with the Edit all Guides permission (CMS only), you will be able to view and edit all guides.
    • If you are a Regular-level user, you will be able to view any guide, but only edit those you own or to which you've been assigned as an editor.
    • If you are an Editor-level user, you will only be able to view and edit guides to which you've been assigned as an editor.
  5. To reassign ownership of a guide, click on the Change Guide Owner () icon in the Actions column. (This option will only appear if you are the guide's owner, or an Admin-level user.) You will be prompted to select a new owner of the guide and whether to also reassign assets created by the current owner.

change guide owner dialog box

  1. To delete a guide, click on the Delete Guide () icon in the Actions column. (This option will only appear if you are the guide's owner, or an Admin-level user.) You will be prompted to review a list of content that will be deleted and confirm before continuing.

delete guide dialog box

 Be careful when deleting guides!

Deleting a guide will permanently remove the guide from your system and cannot be undone.

  • When deleting a guide, all Link, Media/Widget, Book, Document/File, RSS Feed, Poll, LibAnswers Widget, and LibWizard Item assets will remain in your assets library, so can still be used.
  • However, all pages, boxes, and rich text/HTML content items will be deleted. If they were being reused in other guides, then they will no longer appear.
  • Statistics for deleted guides are retained and will appear in reports with its original ID number and a title of [deleted].
  • An HTML backup is automatically created when a guide is deleted and can be viewed under Tools > Data Exports > Guide HTML. Although you cannot restore a guide from a backup, the backup can help you to recreate the deleted content in a new guide.

If content from the guide is being reused elsewhere, or if you are just hoping to hide the guide from the public without completely deleting it, consider changing your guide's status to Unpublished, instead.

Guide options & settings

While editing your guide, you'll find the following options at the top of the page (access to some options depends upon your user permissions).

guide options

General options

Guide information dropdown

Guide layout dropdown

Internal discussion board

Guide preview

Edit guide (publication status) dropdown

Page options & settings

On each page of your guide, below the guide options (see above), you'll find a row of options for the current page you're editing.

page url, page menu, and layout menu

General options

Page dropdown

Layout dropdown

Add or edit guide content

A guide consists of pages, which contain boxes of content items (i.e. rich text content and assets, such as links, books, databases, etc.). To edit an existing page of your guide, click on its link in the tabbed or side-navigation menu.

Types of content items

The following are the types of content you can add to your standard and tabbed boxes: