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Search & replace content items

The Search & Replace tool allows you to search and replace text in various parts of your LibGuides content -- guide titles, descriptions and redirect URLs; guide page titles, descriptions and redirect URLs; box names; content items; and E-Reserve items. When searching, there are several options you can configure depending upon the type of content you're trying to find. The steps below will help you to search and replace text in content item names, descriptions, and URLs.

Note: The Search & Replace tool is only available to admin-level users.

  1. Go to Tools > Search & Replace from the command bar.
  2. Select Content Item from the Search Type dropdown. After selecting the type, you can select one or more checkboxes to choose which parts of that type you want to search.
    1. Select the Asset / A-Z Name checkbox to search and replace text in the titles of your assets.
    2. Select the Description checkbox to search and replace text in the description and more info fields of your assets -- including: Rich Text/HTML, Link, Database, Book, and Document/File.
      • Note: if you want to search for URLs within Rich Text/HTML items, select this option.
    3. Select the URL checkbox to search and replace within the URL field for Link, Database, and Book assets.
      • Note: this does not include the Embed Code field for Media/Widget assets.
  3. Enter the text you're looking for in the Search for field.
    • ‚ÄčNote: the search & replace tool does not support boolean searching, wildcards, or regular expressions.
    • The text you enter will be searched as a string, not as an "AND" or "OR" search.
    • For example, searching for "english poetry" will only return results where "english poetry" are found together as a phrase.
  4. If you want to replace the text in the Search for field with new text, enter it in the Replace with field.
  5. Select the desired Match type for your search.
    • Exact: the results will only include records that exactly match the text in the Search for field.
    • Contains: the results will include records that contain the text in the Search for field anywhere in the specified fields of your Search type.
  6. Select the desired Case type for your search.
    • Sensitive: the results will only include records that exactly match the case of the text in the Search for field.
    • Insensitive: the results will ignore upper or lowercase characters and return all results matching the text in the Search for field.
  7. Submit your search.
    • Click on the Search button to perform only a search.
      • We strongly recommend you do this first so you can make sure that your search terms are returning the expected results (which will appear in the frame on the right side of the page).
    • Click on the Search & Replace button to replace instances of the text in the Search for field with the text in the Replace with field.

Example of search and replace options for content items 

Be careful! Replacing text is permanent -- there is no undo button! We strongly recommend you run a search before you replace any text.

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