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Change / reassign a guide owner

  1. Go to Content > Guides.
  2. Find the guide you want to delete and click on its Change Guide Owner () icon in the Actions column.
    • This option will only appear if you are the guide's owner, or an Admin-level user.
  3. In the Change Guide Owner window, select the new owner from the dropdown menu.
  4. For the Asset Ownership option, indicate whether or not the new guide owner should also receive ownership of any assets on that guide owned by the current owner.
    • If you do not change asset ownership, then the new guide owner may not be able to edit those assets if needed.
    • This will not remove the assets from any guides where they are being used; however, the original owner may no longer be able to edit them, depending upon their permissions.
  5. Click on the Save button.

Navigating to the Guides page

Clicking the Change Guide Owner icon

Reassigning ownership of a guide

Can a guide have more than one owner?

No, guides can only have a single owner at a time. However, a guide can have multiple editors. When you assign a Regular or Editor user as an editor of your guide, they can add and edit content just like the guide owner can. Plus, if you'd like to give each editor attribution on your guide, you can add additional Profile boxes. Once added to your guide, you can configure each Profile box to display one of the editor's profiles.

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