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Data Exports: HTML guide backups

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Create an HTML backup of a guide

It can be helpful to occasionally create backups of your guide. Although these HTML backups cannot be used to restore deleted content, they can help you to recreate it. Backups are automatically created when a guide is deleted. However, you can also create one at any time by doing the following:

  1. While editing your guide, click on the Guide Information () menu.

Selecting Create HTML Backup from the Guide Information menu

  1. Under BACKUP/EXPORT, select Create HTML Backup.

Downloading an HTML backup

  1. The backup will be automatically generated and a confirmation message will appear. Click the Download HTML Backup link to download it right away.
    1. A copy will also be available under Tools > Data Exports > Guide HTML.

Viewing HTML backups via the Data Exports page

Download archived backup files

Any time an HTML backup is created, whether following the steps above or when a guide is deleted, they will be archived under Tools > Data Exports > Guide HTML. To view and download HTML backups that have been created:

  1. Go to Tools > Data Exports from the command bar.
  2. From the Guide HTML tab you can:
    1. View any HTML backup by clicking the View Guide HTML () icon in the Actions column.
      • Tip: to download a copy, right-click on the icon and select Save link as... (aka Save target as...)
    2. Sort the backups by Guide ID, Guide Name, or Friendly URL.
    3. If the backup is from a deleted guide, the date of the deletion will be listed in the Deleted column.
    4. If the backup is from a deleted guide, the account the deleted it will be displayed in the Deleted By column.
    5. The date and time that the backup was made on will be listed in the Export Date column.
    6. If multiple backups of a guide have been made, you check the Display all available backups, not just the most recent backup for each Guide checkbox.

Note: Regular-level users can only view HTML backups that they have made -- admin-level users can view all backups.

Viewing HTML backups