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Widgets: Guides list widget

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The Guides widget creates a list of guides. You can create a variety of lists:

  • All guides
  • Guides with a certain word or phrase in the title
  • Guides in a specific subject category or group
  • Guides with a certain tag
  • Guides by a specific librarian
  • Guides of a certain type (ex. all course guides)

To create a new Guides widget: 

the Widgets option under the Tools menu

  1. Log into LibGuides, click on Tools in the navigation bar, and select Widgets from the dropdown menu.

the Guides tab on the Widgets page

  1. On the Widgets page, go to the Guides tab.

Look & Feel options

  1. Under the Look & Feel section, choose the Output Format for your widget.
    • Simple: this embeds the widget content directly into the page, with the widgets styles and JavaScript code running right alongside the other content on the page -- this includes the jQuery and Bootstrap libraries, so be careful when trying to embed these on pages that already include these libraries (such as LibGuides and other Springshare products).
      • If you choose this option, you can select the Embed Type - if you're not sure which option to use, we recommend JavaScript. 
    • Framed: this displays the widget inside of an iframe element on the page. The widget's content, styles, and JavaScript will be contained within the iframe, rather than directly on the page itself. This is a good option to choose if the Simple output format creates issues on your page.
      • If you choose this option, you can set the Height and Width of the iframe element.
  2. Chose the List Format for your widget.
    • Bulleted list: this displays a bulleted list of links to your guides.
    • Drop-down menu with links: this displays a dropdown menu, with each option linking to a guide.
  3. Enter the number of guides that should appear in your list in the Number of Results field. If you leave this empty, it will show all guides that match your criteria.
    • Show "More Results" Link: choose this option if you want to display a "View More Results" link below the guide list to view all guides in your system. (This takes the user to your LibGuides search results page.)
    • Hide "More Results" Link: choose this option if you do not want to display the "View More Results" link.

Search options

  1. In the Search section of the builder, you can optionally specify search terms that need to be in the guide title, group name, or subject category.
    • Matching: Choose to have the term contained in the field or an exact match of the term.
    • Limit to: Check the Group and/or Subject checkboxes to also search those fields.
    • Terms: Type the text that will be searched.

Filters options

  1. In the Filters section, add any filters (where you can add multiple items for each filter and also add multiple filter types) for the widget:
    • Groups: Select any group(s) that the guides are assigned.
    • Subjects: Select any subject(s) that the guides are assigned.
    • Accounts: Select the account(s) that own the guides.
    • Guide Types: Select the guide type(s) that the guides are assigned.
    • Tags: Select any tags that are assigned to the guides.

Display Order options

  1. In the Display Order section, use the Select Ordering option to set the list order of the guides. Choose from:
    • Guide Name (A-Z)
    • Guide Name (Alphanumeric)
    • Popularity / Number of Hits (most popular first)
    • Date Published (newest first)
    • Relevance (full-text index)

the Embed Code and Preview sections

  1. The HTML code for your widget will display in the Embed Code box, which you can copy and paste into the HTML of your webpage. Below it, you will find an interactive preview of how your widget will appear.