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Widgets: Content Box widget

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The Content Box widget allows you to embed a box from one of your guides in another webpage. 

To create a content box widget:

the Widgets option under the Tools menu

  1. Log into LibGuides, click on Tools in the navigation bar, and select Widgets from the dropdown menu.

the Content Box tab

  1. On the Widgets page, click on the Content Box tab.

widget options, embed code, and preview

  1. In the Box Selection section, select the guide that the box is in from the Guides dropdown.
  2. Then select the box to use in the widget from the Box dropdown.
    • Note: Boxes are organized by the pages they are on.
  3. In the Look & Feel section, choose your Output Format. The format options give you two basic options:
    • Simple: this embeds the widget content directly into the page, with the widgets styles and JavaScript code running right alongside the other content on the page -- this includes the jQuery and Bootstrap libraries, so be careful when trying to embed these on pages that already include these libraries (such as LibGuides and other Springshare products).
      • If you choose this option, you can select the Embed Type - if you're not sure which option to use, we recommend JavaScript. 
    • Framed: this displays the widget inside of an iframe element on the page. The widget's content, styles, and JavaScript will be contained within the iframe, rather than directly on the page itself. This is a good option to choose if the Simple output format creates issues on your page.
      • If you choose this option, you can set the Height and Width of the iframe element.
  4. The HTML code for your widget will display in the Embed Code box, which you can copy and paste into the HTML of your webpage. Below it, you will find an interactive preview of how your widget will appear.
    1. Do you need to include the jQuery libraryIf you are embedding this content box in any Springy app (i.e. LibGuides, LibAnswers, LibCal), do not check this checkbox. Our pages already include jQuery and including it again will break the page. For all other pages, check with its admin about whether or not you need to include it. Including jQuery is only necessary if it's not already present on your host page.