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Guides: Display a guide as a single page

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For guides with multiple pages, instead of displaying each individual page of your guide separately, you can choose to display all of your guide's content on a single page. Your guide's navigation won't disappear -- rather, when a user clicks on a tab or side-nav menu option, they will be taken to that section on the current page. One benefit of displaying your guide as a single page is that you can also print your entire guide at once, instead of each page individually.

As a best practice, avoid displaying your guide as a single page if your guide has a large amount of column over many pages. In these cases, it can not only require the user to do a bunch of scrolling, but it may increase page load times, as well.

 Before you begin

Please note that the following are not compatible with single-page mode:

  • Guide templates that use custom content columns (e.g. the {{content_col_#}} keywords).
  • Blog pages 
  • Discussion board pages

If you enable single-page mode, blog and discussion board pages will become hidden. However, they will reappear once you disable the Display as Single Page option.

Enable or disable single-page mode

  1. Edit your guide and click on the Guide Layout () button.
  2. Select Display as Single Page from the dropdown.

Selecting Display as Single Page from the Guide Layout menu

  1. In the Display as Single Page window, enable the checkbox next to Check this box to display this guide as a single page.
    • Deselect this checkbox if you would like to disable single-page mode.
  2. Click the Save button.

Enabling single page mode