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Guides: Preview the public version of a guide

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The Preview () button allows you to view your guide as the public would view it so you can make sure everything looks the way you want it to look. Using the Preview button has some advantages:

  • Allows you to see how your guide looks when it's still unpublished.
  • Allows you to preview changes as you make them, especially for LibGuides CMS customers using the Custom CSS option within the guide.
    • Have a Rich Text/HTML content item open for editing? Make a change and hit Save (not Save & Close) and then refresh your preview page to see the changes.
    • Customizing your guide's CSS? Make a change, Save, and refresh your preview page to see the changes.
  • Allows you to do all of this without adding stats to your guide. The system is smart enough to know not to count any clicks coming from a guide in preview! (Be careful not to link to that URL or share it with the public, otherwise their views won't be counted in your stats!)

How to preview a guide

To preview your guide, edit your guide and click the Preview () button in your guide's options. A preview of the public version of your guide will open in a new window.

Preview button

You'll always know when you're previewing a guide because the URL will include a "preview" parameter. For example:


When you see that parameter in the URL, you'll know that your page view is not being added to your stats.

Example guide preview