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Submit a guide for review

When the Publishing Workflow is enabled for your LibGuides system (available in CMS only), you will be required to submit new guides, pages, and boxes for review before they can be published. This will notify your system's designated reviewer(s), who will then review and publish your guide's changes.

 What happens when Publishing Workflow is enabled?

Review is required for all users except for designated reviewers, who can publish their own changes immediately. Although Admin users can enable/disable the Publishing Workflow and add/remove reviewers, they will also need to have their content reviewed unless they are explicitly added as reviewers.

Non-reviewers will notice the following when editing their guides:

  • New pages and boxes added to published guides will be automatically set to Draft Mode, so they will be hidden from the public.
  • Hidden pages and boxes cannot be taken out of Draft Mode except by a reviewer.
  • The Submit for Review status will appear in the guide's Publication Status dropdown.
  • Guide owners can still set a guide to the Private or Unpublished status. Guides with either status are exempt from review when new content is added.

Submitting a guide for review

In order for new guides, pages, and boxes to be published, you will need to do the following:

  1. Once you've finished editing your guide, click on the Edit Guide button (it will reflect the current status of your guide).
  2. Select Change Status & Share from the dropdown.
  3. Under the Guide Publishing tab, select a new status from the Publication Status dropdown.
  4. The Message text area will appear. Use this to leave an optional message for your reviewers. We recommend using this to summarize what content needs to be reviewed and published.
  5. Click the adjacent Save button. This will set your guide's status to Submitted for Review until your changes have been published by a reviewer.

What happens next?

Your reviewer(s) will receive a notification that your guide is ready for review. They will then edit your guide, review the changes, and publish them.

Once the reviewer is finished, they will set your guide's status back to Published, at which point you will receive a notification email that the review is complete.

Selecting Change Status & Share from the Edit Guide dropdown

Submitting a guide for review

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