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Generating a thumbnail image of a guide

You can create a thumbnail image of your guide's homepage. Not only does this allow you to embed a picture of your guide anywhere you'd like, but it will also be used when you share your guide on Facebook or Twitter.

To create a new thumbnail:

  1. Edit your guide and click on the Edit Guide button (it will reflect the current status of your guide).
  2. Select Change Status & Share from the dropdown.
  3. In the Guide Status window, click on the Guide Thumbnail tab.
  4. Click on the Take New Guide Screenshot button. A thumbnail of your guide's homepage will appear, along with a link to the image.
    • NOTE: if your homepage contains an embedded flash or HTML5 video, the video will not be included in your guide's screenshot.
  5. Choose the size you want the image to be, then copy the URL to share it as a link or add it to a webpage in an <img> tag.

Thumbnails do not update automatically, so return here to create a new thumbnail any time you want it to reflect your latest changes.

Selecting Change Status & Share from the Edit Guide dropdown

Generating a guide thumbnail image

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