Deleting a page or subpage from a guide

 Be careful when deleting pages!

Deleting a page will permanently remove the page from your system and cannot be undone.

  • When deleting a top-level page, all of its sub-pages will also be deletedIf you want to keep the sub-pages, please move them under a different top-level page or reorder them as top-level pages.
  • When deleting a page, all Link, Media/Widget, Book, Document/File, RSS Feed, Poll, Remote Script, LibAnswers Widget, and LibWizard Item assets will remain in your assets library, so can still be used.
  • However, all boxes and rich text/HTML content items will be deleted. If they were being reused in other guides, then they will no longer appear.
  • Statistics for deleted pages are retained and will appear in reports with its original ID number and a title of [deleted].

‚ÄčIf content from the page is being reused elsewhere, or if you are just hoping to hide the page from the public without completely deleting it, consider placing the page in Draft Mode, instead.

  1. While editing your guide, click on the page you want to remove in your guide's navigation menu (i.e. tabs or side-navigation).
  2. Click on the  Page menu, which is located next to the Page URL above your guide's content columns.
  3. Select Delete Page from the dropdown.
  4. The Delete Page window will appear displaying a list of boxes that will be removed, and whether or not any of it is being reused in other guides. Please review this list carefully before continuing.
    • If another guide is reusing this page, or a box on this page, that page or box will be removed from the guide.
    • Any assets on your page, however, will remain in your assets library and will continue to display on guides where they're being reused.
  5. If you are sure you want to continue, select the checkbox next to I understand this cannot be undone.
  6. Click on the Delete button.

Selecting Delete Page from the Page dropdown

Deleting a page 

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