Adding and managing tabs in a tabbed box

  1. While editing your guide, click on the page containing your tabbed box in the guide's navigation menu (i.e. tabs or side-navigation).
  2. In the tabbed box's heading, click on the Add/Edit Tabs () icon.
    1. To add a new tab, enter a name for the tab in the empty text field at the bottom of the list and click the Create button.
    2. To rename an existing tab, change its text and click on its Update button.
    3. To delete a tab, click on its Delete button. (NOTE: this will also remove the content contained in that tab from your guide, so be careful!)
    4. To reorder your tabs, click on the double-arrow () icon and drag & drop the tab into a new position. Then, click on the Save Positions button at the bottom of the list of tabs.
  3. Click the Close button when finished.

Clicking the cog icon to edit a tabbed box

Managing tabs in a tabbed box

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