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Configuring a gallery box's settings

  1. While editing your guide, click on the page containing your gallery box in the guide's navigation menu (i.e. tabs or side-navigation).
  2. In the gallery box's heading, click on the Add/Edit Panes () icon.
    1. If you would like your slides to cycle automatically, set the Automatically Play option to On.
    2. When Automatically Play is enabled, use the Slide Speed to control how often each slide will display (in milliseconds) before advancing to the next slide.
    3. Use the Transition Type option to choose which effect to apply to slide transitions.
      • The Slide effect will cause the new slide to advance from right to left.
      • The Fade effect will cause the new slide to fade in, while the old slide fades out.
    4. Use the Transition Speed to control the animation speed of the slide transitions (in milliseconds).
    5. When Show Dots is set to On, navigation dots will appear below each slide.
      • The current slide will be indicated by a black dot, while the others will be indicated by gray dots.
      • Clicking on a dot will take you to that slide.
    6. Use the Max Image Height field to limit the maximum height of slide images. This can help you maintain a consistent height when using images with different dimensions.
      • You can enter a fixed height in pixels (e.g. 300px) or a relative percentage height (e.g. 50%).
    7. If you would like to display your slides in a grid, set the Number of rows to 2 or more.
    8. When the Number of Rows is greater than 1, enter how many slides to display in each row using the Slides per Row option.
      • For example, to create a 2 x 3 grid, you would set the Number of Rows to 2 and the Slides per Row‚Äč to 3.
    9. When the Number of Rows is set to 1, enter how many slides to display at once using the Slides to Show option.
      • For example, if you want to display two slides side-by-side, set the Slides to Show option to 2.
    10. Use the Slides to Scroll option to set how many slides are advanced at once.
      • For example, if Slides to Show is set to 2 and Slides to Scroll is set to 1, then only one of the two slides will rotate out of view at a time.
    11. If your slides contain captions, use the Caption Position to customize where the captions display relative to the slide's content.
    12. Use the Caption Background to customize the background color of each slide's caption.
    13. Use the Caption Text to customize the font color of each slide's caption.
  3. Click the Save and Return to Guide button when finished.

Clicking the cog icon to edit a gallery box

Customizing a gallery box's settings

Example gallery box configurations

2x3 grid of Book from the Catalog assets

To recreate this, set the Number of Rows to 2 and the Slides Per Row to 3.

Gallery box displaying 2 rows of 3 slides

1 row showing 2 slides at a time

To recreate this, set the Number of Rows to 1 and Slides to Show to 2.

Gallery box displaying 1 row with 2 slides

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