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Widgets: Search Box widget for guides or the A-Z Databases list

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When you create a Search Box widget, you can allow users to search either your public guides or databases in your A-Z Database List -- from almost any page! Simply follow the steps below to create your widget, then use the provided HTML code to embed it into the HTML code of your webpage.

the Widgets option under the Tools menu

  1. Log into LibGuides, click on Tools in the navigation bar, and select Widgets from the dropdown menu.

the Seach Box tab

  1. Then click on the Search Box tab.

widget options, embed code, and preview

  1. For the Search Type option, choose whether you want the search box to search for Guides or A-Z Databases.
  2. For the Embed Type option, choose whether you want to embed the widget using a JavaScript code snippet or as a URL. (If you are unsure, we recommend JavaScript Code for most uses.)
  3. In the Look & Feel section, you can customize parts of the widget's appearance:
    1. Placeholder Text: change the placeholder text that is displayed in the search box when it's empty.
    2. Button Text: change the text of the search button.
    3. Width: adjust the width of the search box's text field.
  4. In the Filters section, choose a group to limit the guide search box to when building a widget that searches the guide content (Groups is a CMS-only feature).
  5. The HTML code for your widget will display in the Embed Code box, which you can copy and paste into the HTML of your webpage. Below it, you will find an interactive preview of how your widget will appear.