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Creating a Blogs widget

The Blogs widgets allow you to create a list of recent posts from your system blog or a guide blog. These can be customized to include each post's teaser, or even the entire text of the post. This is a great way to embed the content of your LibGuides blogs in your library website, or even in other guides. When a user clicks on a link, they'll be taken to the full post in your blog.

  1. Go to Tools > Widgets from the command bar.
  2. Then click on the Blogs tab.
  3. In the Blog Selection section, choose the blog -- choosing from the system blog or a guide's blog -- from the Blog dropdown list.
  4. In the Look & Feel section, choose your Output Format. The format options give you four basic options:

    Output format: Simple List

    Preview of simple widget, no frame

    Output format: Framed List

    Preview of framed blog widget

    Additional Options:

    • If you choose the Simple List output, you can select the Embed Type - if you're not sure which option to use, we recommend JavaScript. You can also choose the Link Target - whether links open in a new window or the same window.
      Additional options for simple list
    • If you choose the Framed List output, you can set the Title, Height, Width, and Link Color.
      Additional options for framed list
  5. Select the number of posts that should appear in your list in the Number of Results field. And choose whether or not a link to view more results is displayed below the list.
  6. For the Content options:
    1. Select the Display Teaser checkbox to display the teaser text underneath each blog post link.
    2. Select the Display Post Date checkbox to display the post's publication date next to the title.
    3. Select the Display Entire Post checkbox to display the entire content of the post underneath each blog post link.
    4. When the entire post option is selected, uncheck on the Display Images checkbox if you want to hide any images in the blog post.
  7. To filter the list of posts by subject, click in the Subjects field and select one or more subjects.
  8. To filter the list by author, click in the Accounts field and select one or more users.
  9. Grab the code for the widget from the Embed Code box.

Creating a blogs widget

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