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LibGuides API: v1.1 endpoints

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If you subscribe to LibGuides CMS, you have access to the LibGuides API. API stands for Application Programming Interface and it allows you to display and process your LibGuides CMS content outside of your system.

Please note: The API is intended for users with advanced technical knowledge and coding skills. We strongly recommend using the API in server-side applications to avoid revealing your site's unique API key.

The API offers more flexibility than widgets, but they also require more extensive coding knowledge and are more complicated than just copying and pasting.

The v1.1 API endpoints are read only: you cannot push data into LibGuides using these endpoints, but you can with the v1.2 endpoints. (A search API endpoint is not available at this time. Instead, consider using a Search Box widget.)

Available v1.1 endpoints

The following endpoints are available in the v1.1 API:

  • GET /guides: returns guides for your institution.
  • GET /accounts: returns user accounts for your LibGuides site.
  • GET /subjects: returns subject categories added to your system.
  • GET /assets: returns assets (including A-Z Databases) from your system.

To access the full documentation for these endpoints (including the necessary request URLs, keys, parameters, and request/response examples):

the API option in the Tools menu

  1. Log into LibGuides, click on Tools in the navigation bar, and select API from the dropdown.

the Endpoints v1.1 tab

  1. On the API landing page, click on the Endpoints v1.1 tab.

the resource link for the GET guides endpoint

  1. To view the full documentation for each endpoint, click on its link in the Resource column.