Adding a new group

  1. Go to Admin > Groups from the command bar.
  2. Click the Add Group button.
  3. On the Add Group modal, configure the initial settings for the group:
    1. Group Name: appears in the breadcrumbs for the site (but not on the group homepage), the By Group list on the LibGuides homepage, and in the Admin > Groups table.
    2. Description: internal description appearing in the Admin > Groups table. Does not appear on the group homepage.
    3. Friendly URL: assign a friendly URL to the group.
    4. Group Type:
      • Public: Indexed; Available to all.
      • Restricted: Indexed; Available to all in the designated IP range, LibAuth rule, and/or with the password.
      • Internal: Not added to public search index; Available and searchable only to those with accounts in the system and access to the group.
  4. Click Save to create the group.

Note: only admin-level accounts can create new groups.

overview of creating a new group, part 1

overview of creating a new group, part 2

Watch: Creating Groups

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