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View a box's link and widget code

  1. While editing your guide, click on the page you want to customize in your guide's navigation menu (i.e. tabs or side-navigation).
  2. In the box's heading, click on the Edit Box () icon.
  3. In the Edit Box window, click on the Box Link & Widget Code tab.
    1. The Box Link contains a link to the current page, with an anchor to the box. This allows you to create a link directly to the box.
    2. The Box Widget Code provides you with the HTML code needed to embed the widget on an external webpage, in one of three formats:
      • Simple Javascript: this will display the box directly on the page. This contains the same JavaScript files used by LibGuides, so please do not embed this type of widget in another LibGuide page.
      • Simple URL provides a URL you can use to view the box's widget.
      • Framed provides the code for displaying the box inside of an iframe.
    3. The CSS Class shows the class name applied to this box, which you can use to target the box with custom CSS code.
    4. The jQuery Selector provides the syntax you would need to select this box in a jQuery script.
  4. You can close the Edit Box window when finished.

Editing a box

Viewing a box's link and widget code

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